West Coast Adventure (10 Night)

A once a year cruise of Australia's scenic Western coast.  Cruising from Perth to Dampier (or sometimes Geraldton to Dampier), you will enjoy 11 days of epic ocean adventures, diving, snorkelling, and swimming.

Highlights include the Abrolhos Islands, snorkeling the Batavia shipwreck, Ningaloo Marine Park and the Montebello Islands.

This cruise package includes return flights to Perth.

Availability - 10 Night West Coast Adventure

*All cruise pricing is per person twin share (pp twin share)

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Sample Itinerary

Day 1 & 2 – Abrolhos Islands

Boarding MV Great Escape from the Sardine Jetty in Fremantle, you’ll be greeted by your crew with an appetizing lunch. We’ll then cruise all afternoon and through the night to make it to the Abrolhos Islands by dawn. Here we’ll spend the day surfing, beach combing, fishing, and snorkelling around the beautiful reef. Weather permitting, we’ll dive to the submerged shipwrecks that can also be found amongst this group of islands.

Day 3 & 4 - Easter Group

After deciding what activities suit everyone, we’ll head to the Wallabies Group of islands, where there are some well-known surf and dive locations. Depending on the swell, we can snorkel to the crash site of the Batavia, which was shipwrecked in 1620. We’ll then spend the night cruising between Steep Point and Dirk Hartog Island.

Day 5 – Dirk Hartog Island

A variety of surf, dive and fishing options are all available in this area, which we can explore in full as we cruise along Dirk Hartog Island heading for Dory and Bernier Islands. There’s also the chance to enjoy some local history by walking up to Cape Inscription to see where Captain Dirk Hartog landed in 1616. At dawn the next day we’ll cruise up to the Bluff, a famous surf spot.

Day 6 – Gnarloo Reef

Here you can spend the day surfing, diving, and fishing, before we head up to Gnarloo Reef in the afternoon. We’ll keep our eyes out for any good spots to drop a line as we go.

Day 7 & 8 – Yardi Creek

Yardi Creek is located at the southern end of the Cape Range National Park and Ningaloo Marine Park. The coastline here is rich with good surf, dive and snorkel sites, as well as fantastic fishing spots. When you’ve caught all you can, we’ll make our way along the coast towards Exmouth marina before cruising to the Muiron Islands.

Day 9 & 10 – Barrow Island/Monte Bello Islands

The Monte Bellos are a magnificent group of over 100 islands that could easily keep us busy for weeks. There are plenty of activities here for any ocean lover to enjoy; this includes surfing, snorkelling, fishing, and diving. There are even a few mangrove clusters where we can hook for mud crabs. Turtles also nest in this area and with some luck we may get to have a magical baby turtle experience. We’ll then enjoy an evening cruise toward the Dampier Archipelago, where you can fish or dive before disembarking the next day.

Day 11 – Dampier

Disembark at Dampier at 9.00am, where a bus or taxi will transfer you to Karratha Airport for your flight back to Perth.

Please note that this is a sample itinerary only. Our schedule may be affected by tides and weather.