Abrolhos Islands

Approximately 5 hours from Geraldton we arrive to the Easter group of the Abrolhos Islands. We will spend the day in this region taking advantage of the beautiful beaches where you can wander, swim, play with seals and snorkel.

You can fish for wonderful table fish here of Bluebone, Coral Trout and Dhu fish. There have been a couple of wrecks on this group of Islands – Ben Ledi (1879) & Zeewijk(1629). Weather permitting we will spend the evening here.

We cruise past Big Rat and Little Rat islands to the northern most group of the Abrolhos – Wallabies Group. It is here that the well-known ship Batavia was shipwrecked in 1620. Depending on the swell on the day we can snorkel around the site and still see the remnants of canons, canon balls, and other metal relics.

The days will be spent wandering along beaches, swimming, snorkelling and fishing. We will visit the Wiebbe Hayes stone fort being the oldest surviving building in Australia and was built by survivors of the Batavia shipwreck and massacre.

Upon departing the Abrolhos Islands we will spend the night cruising up to South Passage between Steep Point and Dirk Hartog Island.

Abrolhos Islands with The Great Escape

Abrolhos Islands with The Great Escape

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