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A fishing adventure aboard The Great Escape is exciting and rewarding, as you explore the fishing options in southern areas of the Kimberley region. In particular we provide you with the perfect opportunity to bag a prized Kimberley Barramundi.

On our fishing excursions you see the small but busy birdlife in and out of the mangroves. A silent crocodile slides by, and if you look carefully you may notice Fiddler Crabs, Mudskippers, Birds of Prey, the shy Rock Wallaby or even the majestic Jabiru (or Brolga).

The biggest prize is always the elusive Barramundi, but we also target other fine table fish such as Mangrove Jack, Fingermark and Threadfin Salmon. There are abundant sport fish including Trevally, Queenfish, Mackerel and Northern Tuna in the colder months.

Fishing excursions are daily onboard activities, and or often best conducted on the low tide when we are mostly unable to access other areas of interest. Also at low tide the baitfish can’t hide in the mangrove roots, and it is prime Barramundi feeding time.

For the majority of fishing enthusiasts, this is a great opportunity to take advantage of the pristine and abundant fishing conditions we have in the Kimberley. For the first timers, it is a great opportunity to try a new activity and be rewarded with a wild catch.

Banter in the tenders is often fun and light-hearted. It’s a great time to chat one on one with fellow guests and crew and hear great stories. You can take the time to really disconnect in silence in a remote wilderness. Enjoy the tranquillity of each unique river system.

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Our focus is on ensuring that when your journey ends, you’ll be confident describing your Great Escape experience as “one of the most amazing and enjoyable holidays ever”.