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What Matters Most About Your Kimberley Cruise?

Dining Room on the MV Great Escape

Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Choose A Cruise

Ask yourself a few questions right at the start of planning your Kimberley holiday. What makes a holiday special for you? What type of holiday experience do you want? Is it about group size, the number of activities or the activity level? Or would you prefer no activities? You may want to stay on the boat. Do you want butlers? Do you want that sort of thing? Your answers determine which cruise company and vessel you should go with.

We’re lucky in Kimberley cruising; there is a cruise company for every point in the market. There are options, and what Great Escape offer is niche. We are a small group adventure cruise. We have well-appointed cabins, but the real luxury is in the experience on offer and the personal attention of a great crew.

It’s Not About The Room

When people first inquire with us, they focus more on the boat and the room. They come to us having been referred by friends or family. They’ve already had a bit of priming from people that they know. Often, their friends might say to them, “Make sure you get such-and such-room.” Then that seed is sewn, which becomes important. Weight is placed on that, which will lead to an incredible holiday experience. This is unfortunate because it’s not the case. We educate prospective guests that this isn’t a traditional cruise. It’s not a typical holiday experience. It’s an adventure cruise. The rooms are quite literally to sleep in. Once people are on board, the importance of the room falls away.

What About Group Size?

Great Escape offers small group cruises with a lot of flexibility, which is incredible for an adventurous holiday experience. Some people might have concerns that the group is too small. We attract great guests, and we see many friendships form. Guests are all from a similar demographic. They’re all of a similar age, fit and mobile. They want a good amount of activity; they want variety, and they want flexibility. During our sales process, we ask many questions to ensure our guests are well-matched to our cruise and their fellow guests.

What People Love

At the end of the cruise, we ask our guests about their highlights. Besides the stunning Kimberley, we usually hear the same answer repeatedly. People love the crew. They are such a significant feature of the holiday experience. There are not just 14 people on the boat; there are 20 people on the boat. Those crew members are from all walks of life, and they take a genuine interest in our guests. They are keen and eager to ensure everybody feels included and special and that all of their needs are taken care of. Great Escape has developed an industry-wide reputation for personal service, and our crew delivers on that promise. We are very proud of them.

If you are starting to plan your Kimberley cruise, start with some questions. Be clear about what is important to you. If you choose Great Escape, don’t fret too much about which room you get – honestly, you’ll hardly spend any time there. Lastly, be confident we’ll take great care of you because that is what we do best.

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