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Top 10 Things to Do On The Kimberley Coast

Horizontal Falls with Great Escape

Welcome to the Kimberley Coast!

A Kimberley cruise is an idyllic time, watching the world glide by upon a stylish vessel while you ponder epic gorges, glistening waterfalls and tranquil waterholes … all the while there is virtually nobody else around.

When you visit, here is our list of the Top 10 Things to See and Do (in no particular order)

1. Visit the Horizontal Falls

The Horizontal Falls are one of the natural wonders of the world, according to David Attenbourgh. The water runs horizontally as opposed to vertically and runs between an opening in the McLarty Ranges.
Seawater builds up faster on one side of the gaps than the other, creating a waterfall up to 5m high on a King tide. Within each change of the tide the direction of the falls reverses, creating vast tidal whirlpools. It’s an invigorating ride on a small boat through the gaps and equally amazing viewed from above in the helicopter. FYI, this is one of the places we’ll visit as part of our Kimberley cruise itinerary.

Horizontal Falls with Great Escape
The Horizontal Falls

2. Explore Montgomery Reef

Covering an area of approximately 400 square kilometres with a length of about 80 kilometres ‪ Montgomery Reef is subject to massive tidal movements 10-11 metres. When the tide is out going a series of cascading waterfalls is revealed attracting a plethora of migratory birds and marine life including turtles, manta rays, reef sharks, crocodiles and dugongs. Explore the reef in the tenders and by helicopter it’s truly spectacular!

Montgomery Reef With Great Escape
Montgomery Reef

3. Visit Ancient Indigenous Art Sites

We are very spoilt living in the Kimberley with some very special art sites. Our guides will intrigue you with stories and legends.

Kimberley Indigenous Rock Art
Kimberley Indigenous Rock Art

4. Partake in a Heli Picnic to Eagle Falls

The chef will do all the hard work, you just need to jump in the helicopter and experience a stunning waterfall inaccessible any other way but via helicopter. You can swim in the refreshing waterhole and enjoy a sumptuous picnic surrounded by natural raw beauty.

Eagle Falls Swim and Heli Picnic
Eagle Falls

5. Sunset drinks at the top of Raft Point or Manning Peak

There is nothing like being “On top of the world looking down at creation” at either of these gorgeous spots you can wave the sun goodbye in style whilst sipping on your favourite brew! The helicopter will whisk you up to the cliff top in no time.

Sunset Heli-Drinks at Raft Point
Heli-Drinks at Raft Point

6. Catch a Kimberley Barra

This is the stuff dreams are made of! Everyone wants to catch the elusive silver barramundi – they put up a good fight and taste good too. Fishing excursions are part of every Great Escape cruise itinerary and guests can choose to partake or not…even those who are not into fishing get carried away with all the excitement and there is no greater grin then the person who catches one.

Catching a Kimberley Barra with Great Escape
Kimberley Barramundi

7. Swim at Silica Beach

Crystal clear turquoise waters and white sandy isolated beaches, this is surely one of the Kimberley Coasts’ best beaches. Simply relax and catch some rays or partake in some ball or Frisbee activities.

Swimming at Silica Beach
Silica Beach

8. Trek to the top of the King George Falls

A steep but relatively short walk the effort is well worth it when you reach the top. The view is the most photographed by guests who visit and it will take your breath away.

View from the top of King George Falls
King George Falls

9. Swim at Kings Cascade

Bathe in the water pools at the top of Kings Cascade in the Prince Regent River – Another Kimberley iconic landmark.. after a “shower” on the bow underneath the waterfalls, climb to the top and beyond and discover stunning waterholes and small waterfalls where you can bathe surrounded by serenity.

King Cascades at Prince Regent River
King Cascades at Prince Regent River

10. Kimberley Star Gazing

The Kimberley night sky is like no other – millions of twinkling stars lighting up the wilderness that surrounds you. What a wonderful world.

Kimberley Star Gazing with Great Escape
Kimberley Star Gazing

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