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Scuba Diving

Diving at the Rowley Shoals is commonly referred to as a spectacular underwater wonderland.  If you are one of the few mad divers we have the pleasure of taking to this remote location be prepared for 3 to 5 dives a day depending on surface interval activities, in mainly crystal clear waters with a balmy average water temperature of 28 degrees.

Generally the water vis is 25 – 30 metres, but on perfect days when the weather gods are being kind it is not unusual to get 60+metres.  It’s on these days we struggle to get our team out of the water!

The three atolls offer a host of diving choices from shallow sandy bombies to underwater canyons and caves, to sheer coral walls dropping beyond 300m vertically and loads in between.  Large tides coupled with a geographical location between tropical and subtropical areas, the Rowley Shoals attract a huge range of underwater biodiversity ranging from the micro creatures right through to a healthy array of tropical fish, sharks, rays, pelagic fish, turtles, dolphins and more.  Shallow coral gardens host colourful clams and corals that will delight divers and snorkelers alike.

Most of your dives will be drift dives and on the more exhilarating ones you will cover large tracks of reef.  Being 260km offshore, we take safety very seriously.  Divers must dive with a computer, waterproof lifeline (GPS) and dive buddy.  Dives are limited to 60minutes and we have a maximum depth of 40m.  No dives are micro-managed by our team unless you ask us to keep an eye on you or are feeling uncomfortable about any of the dives.   In which case we will love the chance to hang out with you on all dives.

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