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Kimberley Rock Art

We are blessed to cruise near some of the oldest and most prolific rock art locations on the planet.  One of the most incredible opportunities on a Kimberley cruise is to be mesmerised by one of the many spiritual and mysterious rock art galleries scattered across this ancient wilderness.

Most of the sites we visit are within walking distance of the shore, hidden in the cool shade of the jumbled rocky landscape.  Visiting these sites is ethereal, calming and thought-provoking.  Some of the sites have stories passed down through generations of traditional owners who have given us permission to share them with you.

Some sites are so old we can only wonder what might have been happening here tens of thousands of years ago. Through discussion we often walk away with more questions than when we arrived.  Where was the ocean back then? What was the climate like? Were the continents still moving? Are these paintings telling a story or are they recording daily life?

Most of the sites we visit are either Gwion Gwion (Bradshaw) style or the more recent Wandjina style.  For the serious enthusiast, there are a few more remote sites accessible with our onboard helicopter.

Your Kimberley cruise will always be entwined with some of the Dreamtime and modern cultural experiences. We feel lucky to have such a rich cultural presence and are very happy to educate and share the information with you.

Experience Kimberley Rock Art

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